Modular Type Extinguisher...

We offer excellent quality Modular Type Extinguisher which are highly useful in General Occupancies & Storage Areas like : Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids & Gases, Chemicals, Grain Mill Products, Solids Fuels, Records, Libraries, Museums, Showrooms, Shops, Offices, Residential premises, Workshop, Garages, Paint Booths, Theater, Radio Rooms TV Stations etc. These products are highly reliable in the case of accidents.

Specifications of Modular Type Extinguisher are as following:

  • When heat from an uncontrolled fire increases to a pre-set temperature of the unit, the fusible link releases discharging the extinguishing agent
  • The releases temperature of the extinguisher (fusible link) can be preset at works ranging from 570c/680c/790c/930c/1400c and so on
  • No external source of energy is required and it can be operated electrically, manually or mechanically for their operation

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