Foam type fire Extinguisher...

Foam Base Fire Extinguishers Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguisher
Capacity : 9 Liters
Suitable for A & b Class Fires
Fire involving flammable liquids, petroleum products or where the blanking effect is essential. 

Operation Squeeze Grip Type
Jet Range 5-7 meters
Discharge Time 50-60 Seconds

Crashed Fire Foam type fire extinguisher is designed to be mist effective on class 'B' fires, although they can also be used in class 'A' fires. Foam is a powerful flame knockdown for spill fires involving flammable and volatile liquids like petrol, paints and Alcohols. In use these extinguishers form a thick blanket of foam over the burning surface, effectively cutting off the oxygen supply, thereby smothering the fire and preventing reignition.

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